Ending Relationships


A Mutual Agreement

Life is full of quirks, and there are times when those seeking a long term relationship find one has been lobbed in their path. They could be the perfect couple on the outside, but their private time together might not be quite what either of them expected. They have plenty in common when it comes to interests, religion is no obstacle, and they have nearly identical dreams for the future. It would appear they are ready for marriage, but a mutual agreement suddenly appears when they decide to break up and become nothing more than friends.

The issue that comes between them might be that they are alike in far too many ways, and it could grate on them after even a short while. They might have almost all the same hobbies and interests, and there is nothing that ever keeps them away from each other. Togetherness is good, but even too much of a good thing can turn into something bad.

Couples in this situation often find they got together due to their mutual interests, and their personalities are often quite similar. Those facts alone could make them a poor match when it comes to being able to navigate life as a couple because they have little or no separation to help them see things from different viewpoints. Their relationship might be nothing more than a good friendship that was taken too far down the wrong road, and they now wish to veer back onto a better path.

It could be very sad for the couple to end their romantic relationship, but knowing they are still friends could heal the pain quickly. Their family and friends might take longer to understand, and explaining it to them could draw out the bitterness for a while. The sweetness of knowing there is an understanding friend always available will help them far into the future.