Ending Relationships


Flourishing After the End

When a relationship is no longer possible, it is often due to one person making the decision. The one who did not get a say in it is wounded to the core, and they sometimes feel they will never recover. There are many who say that living well is the best revenge, but flourishing after the end of a relationship is often difficult. It usually comes as a surprise, and the person feels they do not have any balance left in their life.

Many people who have been abandoned by their partner take a great deal of time searching for answers, and they mostly want to know why they were not good enough. The majority of them will find their partner leaving had little to do with who they were, but they will be unable to move forward until they have learned that truth. Once they do realize it, they will be able to chart a new course for their future.

Finding a new career, home or partner is often what people seek after their relationship has ended, but it takes courage to go out into the world again. For those who do, they will find friends and family are very supportive. Some of them will be afraid of running into their former partner, but they will have to get past that if they want a new life. Their best course of action is to ignore the possibility and go out the door.

People who work to heal their hurts after a partner leaves them will often immerse themselves into their new life, and they will eventually put away their hurt. For those who have found a new life that suits them, it will show in their looks, style and confidence. Meeting their former partner after that occurs will show them they have flourished after all.