Issues with In-Laws

Making a commitment to build a future with another person is serious, but some people are willing to allow their family to interfere. It might start off as a few small suggestions for how the couple can live their life better, but acceptance of this behaviour can soon mushroom. When a spouse gets upset over it, refusing to keep family out of their relationship can cause issues with in-laws. They may feel they have the right to control the lives of the couple, and it can break up the relationship in time.

It is a fact that marrying a person means interacting with their birth family, yet it should not mean that family has the right to control the lives of the couple. They may have some valuable input at times, but it should never be more than a suggestion or idea that is contributed. Control is another matter entirely, and the refusal of a spouse to stop it can lead to arguments and eventual divorce.

The person whose family stays out of their relationship often finds acceptance is easier, but those wishing for control over their child will find they may lose contact completely. Their spouse may eventually make the person choose them or family when they are tired of their in-laws constant interference. It is a choice that should have been made before wedding vows were exchanged, but some spouses are willing to wait a short time before forcing the issue.

It can be difficult for parents used to controlling all members of their immediate family to give in to an in-law, but it is necessary if they want to have a happy couple instead of a divorced relative. Leaving the relationship behind will be easy if they interfere too much, so keeping a healthy distance is recommended as a necessity.