The Disappearing Partner

Few events in life are worse than a partner simply disappearing. One day they go out for groceries, and they are never seen again. There are people who will wait years for their partner to be found. They believe holding on to the past and hoping for the best will bring their partner back. Many never even know their partner had already made plans for a new life of their own.

The person that chooses to disappear is selfish and cowardly. They give no hint that anything in the relationship is wrong, and they make no attempt at reconciliation. They know their partner would be upset, and they choose to run rather than face tears or anger. Rather than work toward healing a relationship, they believe they have the right to simply walk away. There is nothing to hold them, and they often made promises about commitment that were untrue. This type of person has no investment in a relationship, and they stay only as long as the relationship provides for their needs.

People disappear for many reasons, and foul play is often suspected when this happens. Authorities may waste valuable time and resources searching for a person that has simply left their life. Family and friends will often hold out hope long after the person disappears. They may even spend years mourning their loss only to find the person is alive and well in another city or country.

There are few people who will completely walk away from everything they have. Valuable property and bank accounts are often a tempting reason to stay. This type of person will walk out of their home without a backward glance at their partner, but they refuse to leave items that will enhance their lives. For some partners, this is the only way they find out the other person is still alive.