When Death Comes Calling

Losing a partner to divorce is difficult, but it gives people the knowledge that someone they loved is still in this world. When a partner is lost to death, there is no hope left for them. They will never again be able to converse, go for a walk or eat a meal. In most circumstances, the manner of death seems important for helping recovery of the living spouse. An unexpected accident, a lingering illness or even a suicide are all ways that death ends a marriage.

Knowing that a partner might eventually die first is difficult, but it can be endured when it is expected and limits suffering. Cancer has become a leading cause of death, and many spouses have watched their loved ones go through agony before their final rest. It is often a relief to know the pain is gone for their spouse, and they can then mourn them properly.

An unexpected accident or sudden health event are two ways sudden death claims spouses, and it is often much more difficult to deal with when it occurs. A healthy spouse might leave the house in the morning, headed for work and the couple could have plans for dinner. Suddenly realizing a spouse will never come home again is a terrible realization, and many spouses suffer from shock. They have no chance for a final good-bye.

One of the most painful forms of death for a living spouse is when their loved one commits suicide. Those remaining often spend a great deal of time wondering if there was something they missed, and if they could have prevented it. They wonder if they gave enough love, or did their needs put too much pressure on their spouse. Depression is generally the reason people commit suicide, and there is little a spouse could have done to help them,